Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Monday, August 27th, 2007

Now that I am out - I will be taking over this blog!

Today was the day! I had enough of not being able to stretch my legs and decided it was time to see what this big world is all about.

I woke Mommy up around 4:15 with contractions. She didn't realize it at the time but they were already 3-4 minutes apart. It took her a 1/2 hour or so to catch on (give her some credit, it was her first baby and it was awfully early) and then she got Daddy up and had him start timing. When they realized how close together they were they decided to call the doctor to see about going to the hospital. Since Mommy said the contractions weren't that bad the doctor said she didn't need to go to the hospital and could labor at home longer if she wanted. Mommy was unsure but Daddy talked her into going. Good thing - I wasn't in any mood to wait.

When Mommy got to the hospital they hooked her up to the monitors in triage. Initially the nurse said they may think about sending her home. That, of course, is before I turned things up a notch. Within two hours of being at the hospital Mommy went from 1 centimeter to 5-6 centimeters. I wasn't feeling so good and my heart rate dropped. After that happened the second time the doctor decided Mommy was progressing too fast and I wasn't too happy about it so she took Mommy in for an emergency c-section. They barely got Daddy in to the operating room in time before they had me out! I was born at 7:50 am at 5 lbs 8ozs and 18 inches long. I am kind of on the petite side!

It was a little scary at first. I had a hard time breathing so they rushed me out of the operating room and into the NICU. They turned me on my tummy and that seemed to help but it was still kind of hard so they decided to send me to the NICU at UC Davis where the really special babies go. Mommy was pretty drugged up at that point but they took me to see her in her room in a portable bed before they took me away in the ambulance.

Once I got all settled Daddy came and visited me later that night. I think I scared him with all my tubes! The doctors called Daddy and asked if they could take me into surgery to put in a breathing tube so I wouldn't have to work so hard to breath on my own. I don't remember much but when I woke up I had a new tube and now I can lay on my back instead of my tummy.

Meanwhile, back at Methodist Hospital, Uncle Shawn and Aunt Kristin flew in from Salt Lake City for a visit. I'm named after my Aunt Kristin - did you know that? Her middle name is Nicole and so is mine! They want to come visit me right away but because of the surgery it will have to wait until tomorrow. Daddy is going to go home with Uncle Shawn to get some sleep and check on my furry brothers - Henry and Chili. Aunt Kristin is going to keep Mommy company in the hospital. It's getting late so I am going to get some sleep - it's been a very exciting day!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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  1. Hey Tracy, Travis and Peyton!

    Congratulations on your new arrival! I wish you the best over the next few weeks! And look forward to the great updates on this blog!

    Talk to you soon!