Saturday, September 8, 2007

Friday, September 7th, 2007

It was another good day for me today. Mommy and Daddy came by at night for a visit and they both got to hold me. I cried the whole time for Mommy but as soon as Daddy took me I calmed right down - you can see above he got me back to sleep. Daddy told Mommy not to feel bad - I am a daddy's girl after all. I was up to 25 cc's on my feeding tonight. Mommy got scared when she saw me spit up the first time - mostly out my nose! The nurse got the suction tube out to clean me up. Every time they stick the suction tube up my nose to clean it out I have to sneeze a lot after. Mommy thinks that is pretty cute! The nurse I have had the last few nights is really nice - she likes to talk to me. She told my parents I have a really cute personality.
Mommy and Daddy are meeting another nurse Jeanette on Sunday to go over cleaning my trach, suctioning and oral stimulation. Jeanette said if the doctors are okay with it they will let them try to feed me with a special bottle. I'm going to get my beauty sleep tonight so I will be ready for my visit from my parents tomorrow.
Peyton Nicole Smith

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