Sunday, September 9, 2007

Sunday, September 9th, 2007

Mommy and Daddy got to meet with Jeannette today to learn about how to take care of my trach. Mommy suctioned my trach for the first time. It wasn't too scary and she must have done a good job because I felt much better afterwards. Jim had her change my diaper, too. It was pretty funny though, as soon as she got done changing my wet diaper I started coughing and I created a messy one for her. She is going to be an expert soon!

They change my trach once a week right now so Daddy and Mommy have an appointment scheduled Tuesday afternoon to change it for the first time. First, they will have them practice on a doll and then they will have them change mine.

One thing Mommy and Daddy didn't realize about me is that like most babies I have periods of apnea - when I stop breathing. Not sure when other babies do it, but when I get really upset (usually during clothing and diaper changes) I start crying and then will stop breathing for just a few seconds. It scared my parents a little when they saw me do that a few times today. Jim told them that it is very common and I have never stopped breathing long enough to be considered in distress so they shouldn't worry.

Jeannette tried to see if I am going to take to oral feedings. So, she dipped a pacifier in breast milk and had me smell it and then tried to have me suck on it. The pacifier was too big for me so then she stuck her finger in my mouth instead. I was a big girl and sucked a few times which is what they were hoping for. Later, they found a smaller pacifier and Daddy put it in my mouth while he was holding me and I sucked just a little. They said right now they want to make sure I will accept things in my mouth and then eventually they will try to get me to eat with a special nipple. If I can start eating then they won't need to put a tube in my tummy to eat which would require another surgery.

Mommy is going to start trying to go visit me in the morning around my 8 am feeding so she can work with me on taking a pacifier. Then, she and Daddy will come back together to visit at night after he gets off of work. We have a lot of work ahead of us so that I can go home but we will get there.

Peyton Nicole Smith

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  1. Hey guys... Thanks for keeping the blog going. Its great to see baby Peyton doing well. Looking forward to when the family can visit all together. Take care and keep posting the pics. Lonnie