Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Wednesday, August 29th, 2007

It was a big day for me today - my Mommy got to come for a visit! She passed all of the tests she was given (there were some pretty funny ones) to get released from the hospital. She is not feeling so well so they weren't able to stay long but she promises she will come back really soon to see me again. This was the last visit with my Aunt and Uncles. They have to fly back to Salt Lake tomorrow morning so I won't be seeing them for awhile. Mommy promises she will tell me all about them though so I don't forget. She said she will put their pictures on flash cards and quiz me on them as I get older! There were quite a few tears from Aunt Kristin when she left but she says she will come back soon to visit me again - hopefully when I am home with Mommy and Daddy. You can see pictures of my family coming to visit above.
Peyton Nicole Smith


  1. Hello baby Peyton!

    You are TRULY loved and missed here in Salt Lake, and you need to continue to get stronger each day so you can go home to your mommy and daddy soon.

    I am counting down the days until I can be with you in Sacramento (29 to be exact), so prepare for kissing and squeezing like you have never had before!

    You have amazing parents, and you will one day appreciate how important that is. We love you, and Uncle Lonnie, Shawn, and Jay are waiting to hold you!

  2. Peyton - You are so petite and precious! You have many people at your Mommy's work talking about how cute you are. Have you said sorry to your mommy yet for giving her all that heartburn? You do know that it is your pretty dark hair that did that, right?

    We are very glad that you are strong too. Continue to grow and get stronger, little one, there is an amazing world out there for you to explore! Also continue to keep talking to us via the blog - we love to hear about you :)