Saturday, September 15, 2007

Friday, September 14th, 2007

Mommy came in this morning for my 8 am feeding. She worked with me with a preemie nipple in a bottle and I sucked a little bit. It is so hard to stay awake when I am getting a feeding because as soon as my tummy gets full I fall asleep!

Mommy and Daddy came in together for my 8 pm feeding and worked with me a little with the bottle again. When they put me back in bed they turned on the fish mobile that a nurse put in my crib yesterday. I really like watching the fishies and follow them as they move above my crib.

Mommy also taped a picture of my furry brothers, Henry and Chili, to the end of my crib so I can see them every time I am awake.

Mommy found out about a day care facility that takes babies with special needs or who are medically fragile like me and it is in Elk Grove where they live. It is staffed by nurses who have the skills to take care of my trach and g tube. Daddy and Mommy are going to go tour the facility on Thursday to see if it will work for me. Here is the link to the site: Doesn't it look like a cool place! I think I could have a lot of fun there!

The resident checked on the genetic testing results last night and she said it came back that there were no chromosomal problems. The genetic counselor had told Daddy if that was the case then that would mean the diagnosis is Nager's rather then something else. They are going to try to find a time to talk to the genetic counselor later to ask some other questions about what that means. Since Nager's is so rare I really am a special baby (as if there was ever any doubt!)

Besides commenting on all my dark hair and my feet the nurses have told Mommy many times that they really like my name. They think it is really cute. Mommy tells them with a last name like Smith she had to come up with something a little unique. And no, I wasn't named Peyton because of Peyton Manning. Mommy didn't even know who he was until after they decided to name me that. Mommy says she heard the name when she was little because of an old soap opera called Peyton Place and ever since then she really liked the name. Of course, the Nicole is after my aunt Kristin Nicole (who is also a Smith because she married uncle Lonnie).

Peyton Nicole Smith

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