Friday, September 21, 2007

Friday, September 21st, 2007

Mommy came by this morning to check on me. I am a hungry girl because I haven't eaten since Wednesday night but I have to wait until later this afternoon to start eating again. In the third picture you can see my g tube surgery site. I got some pain medication a little before 7 this morning so I slept most of the time. At one point I did wake up for a little while and I watched the fishies go around my crib and made my fishie face for Mommy. She thinks that is the cutest! As usual my hair is really wild and Mommy says that my cousin Traiton is going to have a run for his money in the wild hair department! There is a big joke in my Mommy's family about who wins the ugliest feet prize. In the top picture you can see my overlapping toe. Mommy thinks I win hands down!

Daddy and Mommy came back at night and brought my Uncle Steve (Daddy's brother) and his girlfriend Devon and Devon's friend for a visit. I was still on my morphine and had gotten a feeding so I was pretty sleepy and didn't really open my eyes much. Sometimes I would open one just a little and peek out at my Uncle Steve. Maybe it is the morphine but he looks an awful lot like Daddy! With Daddy on one side and Uncle Steve on the other it was a little confusing for me!

The other baby in my room got discharged yesterday but another baby came in right as all my visitors were leaving last night. Good thing I had gotten my feeding and was so sleepy so my nurse could take care of that baby. I hope the baby is quiet so I can get some beauty sleep tonight.

Peyton Nicole Smith

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  1. Peyton -
    Your face is beautiful!
    Your hair is crazy :)!
    Your fish face is great!
    But I'm afraid your toes are much too cute to win that contest!

    PS - I hope you get to eat soon.
    Take Care!