Thursday, September 6, 2007

Thursday, August 30th, 2007

It was another exciting day for me today! Daddy, Mommy and Grandma and Grandpa Mower came for a visit. I sure have a lot of family who love me! Grandma told me all about my brothers, Henry and Chili. She also talked to me about my two cousins, Gavin and Traiton and how excited they will be to meet me once I am out of the hospital.

Poor Mommy, she is still not feeling very well. She had to go back to the hospital today to have something called a blood patch. I guess when they gave her anesthesia in her back for the c-section the little hole didn't close up and it caused fluid to leak. That little bit of fluid gave her awful head and neck aches. Hopefully, she will start feeling better soon.

While Mommy was in the hospital, Daddy met with all of my doctors. They thought at first I had Pierre-Robin's Syndrome. Now, they think I have something called Nager's. You can find out more about it at:

They took some of my blood to do some testing to find out for sure. It will take a few weeks before the results come back but for right now the diagnosis is not as important as me getting better. While Mommy and Daddy were there the doctors asked if they could take me back into surgery. When they put in my breathing tube a few days ago it was really hard. They are afraid that once I start moving around I might pull it out. If that happens it could take a while to get the tube back in and they were afraid they might lose me. Scary!!! So, even though it is going to look kind of funny, they asked my parents about putting in a trach. I had my surgery in the afternoon and slept for a really long time from the medicine they gave me. Now I have a hole in my neck and that's how I breathe. They have me hooked up to a big machine that gives me air to breathe with but I don't use very much of it. I am a big girl and pretty much breathe on my own. It's been a really big day for me so I will talk to you later.

Peyton Nicole Smith

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