Sunday, March 30, 2008

Saturday, March 29th, 2008

Happy Birthday cousin Skyler! Wish I could be there to celebrate with you.
Since it wasn't the best of weather here, we stuck close to home. I got lots of play time with my new pump. I was able to roll around on the floor, sit up with some help from Mommy and stand in my walker. In the morning Mommy was sitting next to me on the floor while I was practicing my sitting up skills. She turned away to get the suction catheter and by the time she turned around, I had fallen backwards and hit my head. My head hit the rug, but there is only hardwood floors underneath so it made a bonking sound. I started crying right away and Mommy felt terrible! She said she wishes she could always be there to stop me from falling but that won't always be the case. Good thing I am such a strong little girl. She gave me lots of kisses and made sure the rest of the day that she kept a hand or leg behind my back to prevent it from happening again. I can go five minutes or more at a time before tipping over - I am getting much better. In fact, now I can reach forward and pick up toys and still not fall over! Impressive, huh? I am seven months old now.
Peyton Nicole Smith

Friday, March 28th, 2008

Here I am, a big girl in my "walker"! I also had a good night and played with my brothers. As I was sitting next to Henry, I just put my arm around him and he must have decided that was okay because he didn't run away. Then Chili jumped down and started giving me kisses on my foot. I think they like me!

Peyton Nicole Smith

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thursday, March 27th, 2008

Did I ever tell you what a wonderful Daddy I have? When Michael, my PT, said he doesn't really think walkers are that great Mommy thought she'd have to go get me an exersaucer instead. But Daddy is so smart, he just popped off the wheels and now I have my exersaucer! I spent some time in it tonight and I am starting to put weight on my feet which was the whole point of the walker in the first place.

Another story about my Daddy that shows how wonderful he is. The other night Mommy said, "There is something I need to ask you." She was all serious so Daddy knew something big was coming. Without missing a beat, Daddy said, "Yes". Mommy said, "Do you know what I am going to ask you?" Daddy said, "I don't need to. Whatever my girls want they can have - so the answer is yes." Now isn't that sweet!

Peyton Nicole Smith

Wednesday, March 26th, 2008

Today I said goodbye to my old, clunky Kangaroo feeding pump. Mommy wasn't that said to see it go. Now that I have my nice new one, there isn't any reason to have two so Chartwell came to pick it up. Bye-bye!

Since I am sitting up so good now, I really like to spend time in my chair. I kick my legs all around and get very excited. I'm getting so big though, that it's a little hard getting me in and out of it sometimes (wonder if there is a weight limit?)

Peyton Nicole Smith

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

Yesterday, when Michael my PT stopped by for a visit he said I am pretty much right on track with my development. He was very impressed with how well I have done despite having a trach and a g-tube and being in the hospital so long in the beginning. He did say, though, that he thinks I will need orthotics for my feet since they seem to turn out - espescially the left one - and he is worried it may get in the way of my walking. Just like any other baby my age, everything goes to my mouth, including a pretty rose my Mommy got for her birthday. Red is my very favorite color! When I started to get grumpy towards the end of the night, Daddy took my flying!

Peyton Nicole Smith

Monday, March 24th, 2008

Although she doens't like to admit it, today was my Mommy's 33rd birthday. She can't believe how old she is, she has to keep asking Daddy the age because she keeps forgetting (probably because she is SO old!). Mommy had lots of calls from family today to wish her a happy birthday. Daddy brought home dinner and dessert and we had a quiet family evening together. Mommy got some pretty roses from her family in Salt Lake, I got her a Michael Buble CD and Daddy got her a gift certificate to Old Navy. My brothers gave her lots of kisses!

Peyton Nicole Smith

Monday, March 24, 2008

Sunday, March 23rd, 2008

Happy Easter from the Smith Family! I got a pretty Easter dress while I was in Salt Lake and with two pairs of bunny ears some pictures just had to be taken. So my parents got me in the dress and my brothers in the bunny ears. It made for some very funny pictures that I thought you would like to see. Mommy was laughing so hard that she told Daddy she almost peed her pants! Maybe she should wear diapers like me!

Peyton Nicole Smith

Saturday, March 22nd, 2008

I am so glad to be home to play with my doggies. While Henry was eating his chewie, I decided he was good enough to eat. Daddy caught me before I got too far, but poor Henry had a big wet spot on his behind where I had started slobbering on him!

Sarah was here from 12-6 today. Usually, Mommy and Daddy try to spend time together but after a week off of work they decided that was more important. Daddy went off to work to meet Jeff while Mommy and the boys headed to her office to get caught up as much as she could. Later, when Daddy got home, Mommy ran to the grocery store. Big mistake! With Easter tomorrow it was really busy.

Peyton Nicole Smith

Friday, March 21st, 2008

Here's me sleeping of my day at the doctor's office. Today Mommy and Daddy took me to my appointment since Lucille was still in Texas. With no clothes I weighed in at a whopping 13 lbs. 6 ozs! One more Synagis shot in April and then I will be done with those for the year. Although Mommy likes taking me in so she can get a weight, she will be happy for one less appointment.
Since Lucille works Saturday nights and Marianne only works Sunday-Thursday, tonight was my parents "night nurse" duty. Since Mommy took the last night in Salt Lake, it was daddy's turn. I slept really well for him, though.

Peyton Nicole Smith

Friday, March 21, 2008

Thursday, March 20th, 2008

It was a morning with lots of tears for my Mommy. She did get some sleep last night but she was sad about having to leave today. My parents spent a lot of time packing last night and finished up this morning. Mommy ran to get coffee with Aunt Kristin before she needed to leave for work. Then, it was time to say goodbye. Mommy says we will all be back as soon as we can. Hopefully the next time everyone sees me I will be trach free - and you can all see my naked neck! Thanks to everyone who was so nice to me and my parents.
The plane ride home wasn't too bad - although I was getting restless and finally cried myself to sleep just minutes before we landed. My parents had to get the luggage and find the car so that took quite a while but I was a very good girl. Then we went to pick up my brothers at Camp Bow Wow. On the monitors my Daddy thought he saw my brothers but then wasn't so sure. Turns out there were five other "doxies" in the play group that day - and they all like to stick together. We packed up the boys in the little room that remained in the car and finally headed home.
Shortly after arriving, the DME company came by to drop off my supplies. There was also a message from the nursing agency that they had a potential night nurse. Marianne came by late in the afternoon to meet us. She must have liked me because she came back last night at 11 pm for her first shift. She is only going to work Sundays-Thursdays so now my parents have a night nurse all except for Friday nights. After being night nurse for awhile that doesn't seem bad at all! I was a good girl for Marianne and slept almost all night long. It's nice to be back in my own bed again.

Peyton Nicole Smith

Wednesday, March 19th, 2008

Another early day for us today. In addition to getting to see all of my family and friends in SLC, I had another reason for coming. My parents wanted me to have an evaluation for surgery by Dr Morales at Primary Children's about my jaw surgery. Aunt Kristin came to the appointment with us, you can see her posing with me in the waiting room.

Dr Morales came in with a bunch of young doctor's. He got a general history from my parents and then did an exam of my mouth. That wasn't very fun and I cried. Once I had calmed down on Mommy's lap, he explained his opinion on the surgery. He thinks now would be a good time to have the jaw surgery done. He thinks it will probably take more than one surgery. He said that he thinks he would recommend an external jaw distraction (I put a picture of that up on the blog a while back) but instead of having to stay inpatient for a several weeks, he thinks I would only have to be inpatient a day or two. That's because since I have a trach my airway would still be stable even with all the swelling. Then, I would need to be seen once a week for the first three weeks, and then once every three weeks after that for several months. My parents really liked Dr Morales so after they talk to the surgeons at UC Davis and Stanford the first week of April they will make a decision on where to have my surgery and when.

After my appointment, my parents spent some time at Aunt Kristin's with my Uncle Jason while she was on a conference call. It was nice to relax for a little while. Before I could get a good nap in, it was time to go to Karen's for the afternoon. They had a nice lunch while I played.

I tried to nap in the car on the way home but it didn't work really well so once we got back to Aunt Kristin's, I went down for a nap with my Daddy while Mommy helped Kristin get ready for dinner. When I woke up, my Grandma Mower and Uncle Jason were there to play with me. Mike, Lesha and Wade all stopped by, too.

Soon, it was time for my Mommy to say goodbye to Uncle Jason and Grandma Mower - since we leave for Sacramento tomorrow. She was very sad. My parents got me bathed and ready for bed and Mommy was still very sad. She told Daddy it is going to be hard to leave but she knows that Sacramento is where we need to be right now because of the nursing care. I don't want to leave either, but I sure do miss my brothers.

Peyton Nicole Smith

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

Today was a big day! I got to meet all my friends at the Business Services Building at the University of Utah. First, I dropped by to meet all of my friends on the first floor who work with my Aunt Kristin. I had already met a few of them on Saturday at the shower but I got to meet everyone else today. Then, Mommy and Kristin took me over to say "hi" to Wade. On Saturday when he came by, he brought me a great big pink bunny. Mommy is not sure how we are going to get it home but we'll find a way! After spending some time with Wade, I was starting to get tired so Mommy and Kristin hurried up to the third floor to show me off to my friends at the Health Plans. Since it was during work hours, Mommy drove me by in my stroller so everyone had a chance to say hello. Kelly held me for a little while until I started to get fussy. Half way through the first suite I got very tired so Mommy hooked up my feeding and I fell asleep in my stroller. Sorry guys - I really tried to stay awake so I could meet all of you but it was too hard. Mommy continued through Suite 360 and then moved on to the other suite - where all of her employees are located. Since the department got built out while Mommy has been away, it looks a lot different. She wasn't able to stay long but it sure was nice to see everyone again.

After a short nap at home, my parents went to Papa and Grandma Smith's house for dinner. I hadn't had a good nap all day so I fell asleep again but my grandparents got to hold me for a little while. Then it was home to bed after another exciting day in Utah.

Peyton Nicole Smith

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Monday, March 17th, 2008

Happy St Patrick's Day! Mommy dressed me up in green and then I got back in bed with Daddy - neither one of us likes mornings much. We had to get up awfully early to take Grandpa Gil to the airport. He is going back home to Vancouver today. I was all smiles for him when he said goodbye to me.
My parents decided to take it easy today and let Daddy get caught up on sleep. They came back to Kristin and Lonnie's and I took a three hour nap while Mommy got some laundry done and updated my blog for me.
In the afternoon, my Mommy's friend Lori came by for a visit. She had surgery a little while ago so she couldn't hold me but I stayed up past my naptime so I could see her. Shortly after Lori left, Kim and Ethan came by to see me, too. They live just around the block from Kristin and Lonnie's - so Ethan drove his motorized car over. He had just gotten home from school and was getting bored so I let him borrow my shamrock glasses to wear home. Later, Mommy put me in my Irish Princess tiara.
I took another nap right before dinner. Aunt Kristin made her famous chicken enchiladas and we had a houseful of visitors. There was Uncle Jason, Traiton, Karen, Rachel, Bryan, Kao and Chloe. Traiton and Chloe ran around the house together and came by to see me a few times. After a few hours I was pretty tired so Daddy took me upstairs to my crib for my bath. First he played with my hair and came up with a new hairstyle. Not sure if this one will stick but it was kind of cute I think. After my bath, my cousin Traiton came by to give me kisses in my crib. Then, it was off to sleep for me.
Peyton Nicole Smith

Monday, March 17, 2008

Sunday, March 16th, 2008

Since I have spent so much time with Mommy's family the last few days, today was a day all to my Daddy's family. We got up bright and early and went to my Grandma Glenda and Papa's house. Their dog, Heidi, and cat, Duchess spent some time checking me out. Papa held me right off while my parents got some coffee. Over the last few nights my parents have been a little worried. Normally, my oxygen saturations run between 97-100 at night but here in Salt Lake they have been on average 93-96 and sometimes they drop into the high 80's. It's probably due to the altitude, but because my alarms are set at a low of 90 - it means the alarms are going off all night and my parents aren't getting to sleep too much - thank goodness for coffee!

I took a nap while my parents had some breakfast and then my cousins Skyler and Dylan and my Aunt Ruschelle came over. Later, Shannon and her little girl, Norah came by to help bake Easter cookies and decorate eggs. While Mommy took a nap, Dylan and Norah looked for Easter eggs. By the time Mommy woke up it was already time for dinner. Grandma Glenda made a nice, big turkey and my Mommy held me while she ate so I could see what everyone was doing. Later, Mommy and Skyler opened presents since they had birthdays coming up. Then, we all had pie and cheescake - Mommy even let me have a little whipped cream. It was sad to say goodbye but Mommy said we would be back again on Tuesday night.

When we got back to Kristin and Lonnie's, it was time for my weekly trach change. There wasn't a good place to do it, so they set me up on the kitchen table! I was a good girl though and didn't cry or anything.

Peyton Nicole Smith

Saturday, March 15th, 2008

What a crazy morning! For some reason there was a bunch of stuff going on. Aunt Kristin went and got Grandma Marilyn and then Dorothy, Rachel and Kellee showed up too. Everyone was running around putting out food and hanging up decorations. I started to get tired so I fell asleep and when I woke up there was a lot of people staring back at me! I guess I was at a baby shower for my Aunt Kristin and her baby, Jackson. First, we broke off into teams and designed onesies with iron on transfers, stamps and paint. My cousin, Gavin won first prize! I got passed around a lot and met so many people for the first time - Wendy, Marty, Rachel, Dorothy and even Wade!! He brought me a present, too! Then my Aunt Kristin got to open SO MANY presents. While she did that, all the people who came played baby shower bingo. I was getting tired so my Uncle Shawn held me. He had just flown in from Denver late last night to see me. And then, the shower was over and everyone started to leave.

I was really tired by that point so I went upstairs with Mommy and got in my crib to get a nap. Daddy had been off at Cabela's and his parents house so Daddy and I took a nap while Mommy, Aunt Kristin and Tina talked and organized all the presents Aunt Kristin received.

It had just started to snow, when we got in Aunt Kristin's car and headed to Bonzai for dinner. It is my Grandpa Gil's favorite place to eat when he is in Salt Lake. We met Shawn, Gavin, Jason, Traiton, Grandpa, Tony and Krista. You can see a picture of me and Krista together above. We all gathered around this big table and someone cooked for us - he was really funny. He made a volcano and fire (that kind of scared my cousin Traiton I think) and then he threw shrimp at everyone and had them try to catch it with their mouths. It was really fun! I was really good, I just watched everything that was going on and played with my toys. By the time we got back in the car, the snow was really coming down. We headed back to Aunt Kristin's house (okay, so it is Uncle Lonnie's house too) and because of the snow they had blocked off the road right before the turn off. We had to go around another way but got to the house safe and sound.

Everyone but Tony and Krista came back to the house and we had Easter early. Mommy and Lonnie hid the eggs that Grandpa Gil, Gavin and Shawn had made earlier in the day for Traiton and Gavin to find. Then, the three of us (me, Gavin and Traiton) got Easter baskets from the Easter bunny. All this excitement in one day and I was getting tired again so it was off for my bath and sleep. The days have gone by so fast - so little time and so many people to love me!

Peyton Nicole Smith

Friday, March 14th, 2008

So the big day has finally arrived! Mommy and Daddy spent this morning getting me all packed up and ready to go. Both of them were pretty nervous and Mommy spent all morning trying to calm her tummy. We all got in the car and headed to the airport. Mommy and Daddy checked all the luggage in and then Daddy went to park the car in long term parking. Mommy decided to try to get through security on her own. She let the TSA person know that I was a special baby and I needed the special line so he let her go through. The TSA man at the scanning machine said Mommy would have to get me out of my car seat and walk me through the scanner but a very nice TSA woman came over and said "Oh no she's not, she's coming over here with me." She used a little stick to scan me and Mommy and then sent all my machines and bags through the machine. I didn't even have to get off of my feeding! Then, Mommy got everything back in the stroller and we were on the way to the gate. Daddy joined us shortly. Since we had gotten there so early we had plenty of time to kill and I was getting tired. I am not used to sleeping in my car seat so I started to get kind of grumpy but eventually fell asleep. Unfortunately the gate next to us was in the process of boarding so every few minutes they would come over the intercom and that would wake me up again. After about five times of this, a woman sitting next to Mommy said - "She just wants to go to sleep and they won't stop talking!" You can see a picture of me above.
While I was snoozing away, Mommy and Daddy got me on the plane and got all settled. The flight attendant told them that babies can't sit in car seats behind the exit row so then they had to trade seats with some nice men. After getting settled one more time (and I was still sleeping) it was time for take off. My parents snapped a quick picture. I slept through that too, so my parents just told me about it later. I woke up about half way through the flight and was content to play with my toys. The flight attendant kept checking on me and my parents but there was nothing to be worried about, I was doing just fine. Before I knew it, it was time to land. I started to get a little fussy - I was pretty bored by then but it was only a few minutes and we were on the move again. Mommy did a quick diaper change in my stroller and we were off to get luggage and the rental car.
As luck would have it, my parents and me got all the luggage and the car seat in the car and ready to drive away when the car wouldn't start. They called someone over and found out that although it was the same car - it wasn't the one they were supposed to be in - so we had to move everything to the other car before we could get on the road. I was taking in the sights in my car seat and then as we got closer to my Aunt Kristin's house I saw something I have never seen before - snow!!!
We got to my Aunt Kristin's and got unloaded and a few minutes with her and then my Grandma Marilyn and Grandpa Don came over. You can see a picture of my Grandma holding me for the first time. Last time she saw me I was only a few days old and couldn't be held yet. Then, my Uncle Jason, cousin Traiton and Great Grandpa Gil came by too. Uncle Jason got to hold me for the first time too! We all had dinner together and I was getting really sleepy so it was time to get my bath and get ready for bed. It was a different crib then I was used to but I was pretty tired from missing some of my naps today so it didn't take me long to fall asleep. Good night!
Peyton Nicole Smith

Thursday, March 13th, 2008

We're leaving tomorrow! I am so excited! Mommy dropped off my brothers at Camp Bow Wow this afternoon. They really must like the place because Mommy said they started whining as soon as she pulled in. Then, when the Camp Counselor opened the door to let them back, Henry jumped up and gave her kisses and then jumped on her lap. Now if that was Chili it wouldn't mean much, but Henry can be kind of a grump with people he doesn't know so Mommy took this as a good sign.

Peyton Nicole Smith

Wednesday, March12th, 2008

So here I am with my new backpack that holds my pump. I told you, it is really small - made just for someone like me. I love the color red so Mommy made a good choice.
No good news on the night nursing yet, wish my parents luck. Today Mommy and Lucille took me to my audiology appointment. While in the waiting room, a woman a little older than my Mommy was sitting with her dad. She looked over and said, "Oh no, every time I see a baby at the doctor I figure they must be sick." Mommy smiled and said, "No, she's not sick, she's just here to have her hearing aid checked." The woman got a big grin on her face and poked her dad and said, "Dad, she's got a hearing aid too!"
The audiologist got us in really fast. We went in a little booth and while Mommy held me, there was a nice girl who played with toys in front of me, while the audiologist was in a little booth talking into a microphone. They were trying to see if when I heard sounds with my hearing aid if I would look at the lady with the toys or where the sound was coming from. Sometimes I figured it out and then a cute bear hit some cymbals together. Other times I didn't - but the audiologist assures Mommy that for only having my Baha three weeks I am doing really well. My hearing without the Baha was 70-80 decibels and in today's test they measured about 30 decibels.
Peyton Nicole Smith

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tuesday, March 11th, 2008

This is a picture of me with my Passy speaking valve. If Mommy takes a picture of me wearing it and submits it to the company who makes the valve they will send me my own Toby dinosaur that wears a Passy just like me! I should be getting it in a few weeks and she will get a picture of us together (not like I need another stuffed animal Mommy says, but it's too fun to pass up).
I didn't do so well last night for Mommy, I was up twice and tossed and turned all night. Now I sleep on my tummy, but maybe because of changing out my button yesterday I didn't seem to want to be on my tummy. Mommy is hoping that it is just sore and I will do better tonight for Daddy.
I had a CT scan scheduled at UC Davis today at 2 pm. They called Mommy at noon and said if we left right then, they could get us in earlier. Mommy, Lucille and I got packed up in record time and were to the hospital by 12:45. I had not had anything to eat since 8 am and hadn't taken a good nap so I should have been in a terrible mood but I was all smiles as I got pushed through the hospital in my stroller. They got us right into the prep room and I was by far the youngest patient there. The resident indicated they would need to put an IV in for emergency purposes so Mommy let him know all about my past history with getting IV's. While we were waiting for the anesthesiologist, I showed the nurses and the resident my trick of pulling off my HME. They were very impressed and called other nurses over to show them, too. I smiled and flirted with everyone for a good 20 minutes or so until we were on the move again. The resident led the way to where the CT scan was, while Mommy held me, Lucille pushed the stroller and one of the nurses pushed the big rolling adult bed.
While Lucille stayed with the stroller, they let Mommy come with me into the room with the CT machine. The anesthesiologist let Mommy know that since I had a trach no IV would be required which made her feel a lot better! They laid me down on the bed and attached something flexible to my trach and then the hose from the anesthesia machine to that. Immeadiately, I took it all off - the nurses didn't think that was as funny as the HME trick for some reason. The nurse gave me her finger to hold instead while Mommy held my other hand. Mommy whispered some stuff in my ear about how much she loved me and that I would just be napping for a really short time and she would be there when I woke up. A few quick coughs and I was out within seconds. They had Mommy leave the room while I had the CT scan done and then rolled my bed to another area for recovery. Mommy and Lucille waited in the waiting are for me to wake up. While there, all the families could hear a baby start to cry in the recovery area. An older man said to Mommy, "that must be your baby". Mommy and Lucille laughed and told the man that they can't hear me cry because of my trach so if it was me that would be a big surprise!
After just a few minutes a nurse brought Mommy and Lucille back. The nurse was on one side, Mommy was on the other, and Lucille was at the bottom of the bed. I woke up within seconds of Mommy arriving. First I saw the strange nurse, then I saw Lucille, and finally I saw Mommy. I was a little dizzy and scared and started crying. Mommy rubbed my head until the nurse said I could be picked up. I stopped crying right away and within just a few seconds was smiling and flirting with the nurses again. Mommy held me for about 15 minutes and then the anesthesiologist said I was good to go home. Mommy, Lucille and I were in the car and on the way home my 2:30!
The doctors thought since I was only under anesthesia for about 15 minutes there shouldn't be any problems with nausea or vomiting but Mommy introduced the feedings really slowly so as not to cause me tummy troubles. I had a nice long nap in Lucille's arms until it was time for Lucille to go home. Then I played with my parents for a few hours and it was time for bed.
Peyton Nicole Smith

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Monday, March 10th, 2008

Last night it was my Daddy's nursing night with me. I woke up for about an hour wanting to play but Daddy said I needed to sleep instead so I eventually gave up and went back to bed. Today my parents and Lucille took me back to the pediatric surgeon. It was the day my parents were going to learn how to change my Mic-KEY button. First I had to get my weight checked. I had just woken up so they left me in my clothes and came in at 13 lbs. 3 ozs. Then, we waited in the room for awhile until they were ready. The nurse had Mommy get all the water out of the balloon first and then get a syringe ready with water to fill the balloon in the new button. Then, Mommy took a deep breath, pulled out my button, put the new one in and filled the balloon with water. It was that easy! I didn't even cry or anything.
Before we left to head home, Mommy started my portable pump so I could eat on the way home. You haven't seen my cute new backpack that it goes in yet but Mommy will take a picture soon. It is teeny-tiny, just like me!
When Daddy was putting my carseat into the car today he twisted his back and was in a lot of pain on the way home. Mommy sent him to bed early and we went to visit him there for a little while. Then Mommy started my bath and trach and g-tube care. It wasn't as much fun as when Daddy is there to help but she did a pretty good job. Then I played around in my crib for about an hour before I fell asleep. When I did finally go to sleep I was sideways in my crib with my feet hanging out. Mommy thought it was awfully cute so she took a picture to show you.
Peyton Nicole Smith

Friday, March 7th - Sunday, March 9th, 2008

Wow, the weekend passed by so fast (for me at least). Mommy was the night nurse for me on Thursday. Daddy said he finally got the hot nurse he has been waiting for! I slept through the night all night and Mommy only needed to suction me a few times. Despite that, it was really hard for Mommy to sleep with the noise from the trach mist machine and just being so nervous that something might happen while she was asleep.

Friday morning Mommy was tired but still feeling good about the decision she made. I had a good day Friday and between the antibiotics and probiotics I was taking I was feeling much better all around - my tummy and my trach. Friday night it was time for Daddy to take a shift as my night nurse. I also had a really good night for him. No suctioning or anything and I slept all night long! Although my parents are really glad they bought the Lazy Boy, it is not as comfortable as a bed so there isn't a lot of sleeping going on.

Saturday morning Mommy got up bright and early (5:30) and sent Daddy to bed. He got to sleep for about four hours before Mommy woke him up so she could drop the dogs off at day care. Then Sarah, the respite nurse came from noon to six to watch me while my parents got to spend some much needed time alone together. They went shopping for some clothes for Daddy for the trip and of course found some fun things for me as well! Saturday was a good day all together because now it is the one night they have a night nurse.

I had a good night for Lucille as well, slept all night long! Lucille and my parents have discovered in the last few weeks that if I get onto my tummy to sleep not only are my sats higher and I need to be suctioned less, but I also sleep better and longer. You can see my tummy sleeper picture above.

Sunday was another day or running errands and getting things caught up in prep for my trip to Salt Lake at the end of the week. Daddy will be my night nurse tonight.

Peyton Nicole Smith