Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wednesday, September 12th, 2007

Mommy stopped by again this morning to work on my oral stimulation during my 8 am feeding. Before she got ready to leave Jeanette stopped by and told Mommy that at my 5 am feeding she tried to have me take my milk from a bottle but that I didn't do very well. She is recommending that I have a surgery to put a tube in my tummy so I don't have to work hard to eat by mouth. Mommy and Daddy talked about it and decided that before agreeing to have the surgery done they want to watch a feeding with me so they understand exactly what is going on so that is going to be scheduled for tomorrow afternoon.
Mommy and Daddy came by for my 8 pm feeding. Mommy was kind of surprised because my roommate Elliott (he was born the same day as me, an hour after I was) was gone. He had been moved during the afternoon to another room. Now I am all by myself with my nurse so I will probably get lots of extra attention like I deserve! Mommy and Daddy did all the things they have been learning to do - took my temperature, changed my clothes, changed my dirty diaper, suctioned my trach and had me take the pacifier during my feeding. They are getting really good at all of this!
I was up to 6 lbs 3 ozs today - so I am growing bigger every day!
Peyton Nicole Smith


  1. Peyton looks so beautiful! Traiton and I cannot wait until we can see her again in person. T will be walking when he sees her, so lets watch out, my little monster will probably be all over her. Grandpa Gil called today to see how she is doing, he was sitting on the dock of the lake in Iowa and is so excited to see her too. We love you guys, and can't wait to see our lovely Peyton.

    Jason and Traiton(TBone)

  2. One more comment before I go to bed. I saw uncle Dick leave a post on the blog, so my favorite uncle, it should be your job to teach Grandpa Gil how to leave posts on this site, so when he gets back to Vancouver he can keep in contact and updated with little Peyton(by the way don't mention to uncle Steve that I referred to uncle Dick as my favorit uncle please!!)