Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Tuesday, September 25th, 2007

Today was all about me and my bink. The night nurse last night worked with me to get me to take the small binkie (I have moved up from the preemie one). I fought her a little but eventually I got the hang of it. When Mommy and Daddy showed up for their visit tonight I was chilling in my crib, watching the nurses and sucking my bink. Aren't I cute! Daddy took some video of me with my bink so you could all see how good I am at it. The night nurse also pulled out a swing and put me in it. She said I liked it for a little while but then because of sitting up my secretions got really thick and I got fussy. What do you expect - I have been flat on my back for four weeks now! I will have to start spending more time sitting up and then I will love the swing. Mommy brought some wrist rattles with animals on them so I have something to do while the nurses are helping the other babies that are more sick then I am. She stuck them to my crib so I can look at them when I am not wearing them. They are really cute.

Mommy and Daddy got all excited because there was a discharge planning meeting today and the respiratory therapist said she thought I was going to be sent home on Friday. My night nurse, though, said that she thought she had heard that all of the arrangements for my supplies and medical equipment hasn't been worked out yet so it probably won't be as soon as that. Mommy and Daddy are going to try to find out for sure.

Peyton Nicole Smith


  1. hello cute Peyton! you are just a little darling - and a tough cookie too! so glad to hear you made it through that surgery like a super champ! you look stronger and healthier every day... oooh, I want to squeeze those cute toes of yours. I cannot resist chubby little baby toes... :) have fun with your binky... big hugs, Sunday

  2. Hi baby girl!

    I'm coming to visit soon, and have lots of kisses and pinches for you, so be prepared!

    Sounds like there is a bit of a "war" between discharge planners, but don't worry, your mom and Auntie will look out for you, and you will come home as soon as possible. We're ready for you!

    Got your parents room ready in Salt Lake at the new house, so anytime they're ready, Lonnie and I are ready for them!

  3. Hello precious little payton, you are beautiful! tell mom and dad I hope they get to take you home this weekend. Have fun with your cute wrist rattles I know mom and dad can't wait to get you home so they can spoil you! I can't wait to meet you in person, you are going to get a lot of love around here... take care and God bless Frances