Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Tuesday, August 28th, 2007

What an exciting day yesterday! Today I woke up in the NICU at UC Davis. I am in the Zebra room. They have several babies in each room and the rooms are named based on the animal that is etched in the glass doors.

Today, I got a visit from Daddy, Aunt Kristin, Uncle Shawn and my Uncle Jason who just flew in from Salt Lake City this morning! I guess my name tag spelled my name with an "A" instead of an "E" but Aunt Kristin made sure the nurse got that corrected right away! She also had them change out my blanket to one that was more suitable for the little princess that I am and add a white bow to my hair so nobody had any confusion about my gender!

Everyone keeps remarking on all my dark hair - this must have come from Daddy. I have really dark eyes and Daddy says he thinks those came from Mommy. Apparently, I am even more special then I realized because I have a lot of funny things that they are noticing. I have one toe on each foot that overlaps another, my bottom jaw is really tiny compared to my top jaw, on one hand my thumb and finger are stuck together, I have an opening in the top of my mouth that they call a cleft palate, they think one of my ears doesn't have a canal at all and the other has a really tiny one but it is covered over with skin and the bones in the lower part of my arm are fused at the elbow. Whew - that's a lot! Right now the doctors just want to make sure I can breathe okay and we will worry about the other stuff later.

Everyone tells me that Mommy will come for a visit as soon as she can. It sounds like that might happen tomorrow but she has to prove she is better before they will let her leave the hospital. Until then, Uncle Shawn pulled out his Blackberry to take some pictures of me so Mommy has more than just the one Polaroid the hospital gave her. I opened my eyes as soon as Uncle Shawn started snapping pictures so Mommy could see my pretty eyes! You can see some of the pictures below.

Peyton Nicole Smith

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