Thursday, September 6, 2007

Friday, August 31st, 2007

Daddy and Mommy came for a visit today. Mommy is still not feeling well. The neck ache went away but her head hurts a lot so she can't stay for very long. They think she has a sinus or ear infection and that is causing all the head aches. She is going to try to take some medicine to get better and then see her doctor next week.
They took lots of pictures of my new trach. Now that the breathing tube is gone they can finally see my nose! There is a lot of debate raging in the family on if it is a Smith or a Fox nose. It's my nose and I think it is pretty cute! In the pictures you can see that I have a little bruise from where the tape kept my breathing tube in. That should go away really soon.

Aunt Kristin bought me a little lamb to put in my crib so now I have something to look at besides all the tubes. You can see the lamb in the picture above - isn't it cute?
Peyton Nicole Smith

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