Saturday, September 29, 2007

Friday, September 28th, 2007

Daddy is still not feeling well so Mommy came by in the morning and at night by herself today. At the evening visit while I was getting my feeding, Mommy put some breast milk in a bottle with a preemie nipple. She had tried to feed me with it several weeks ago with no success. Jeanette recommended trying it again now and turning me on my side to eat. So Mommy held me, turned me on my side and gave it a shot. There wasn't much milk in the bottle but I sucked it right down! Then, when Mommy pulled the empty bottle out of my mouth I kept trying to suck because I wanted some more. Mommy is going to keep working with me to see if I can get to the point that I take a bottle to get some or all of my milk. Jeanette said Mommy can try breastfeeding me soon too.
Peyton Nicole Smith

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