Friday, September 28, 2007

Thursday, September 27th 2007

My Daddy has gotten sick and because he is running a fever he wasn't able to visit me today - doctors orders. My Mommy says that she had fluid leaking from her spine but she made it in to see me : ) It is not worth me getting sick so Daddy will have to wait to visit until he is feeling better. So Mommy came by in the morning and evening by herself. She held me at night during my feeding and I fell right to sleep. I was up to 6 lbs 11 ozs today so I am growing like a weed. Jeanette, the craniofacial nurse, really thinks my jaw has grown in the last few weeks. Because I wasn't able to suck the newborn pacifier a few weeks ago and now I can she said that shows that probably my jaw is growing and my muscles are getting better. She wants Mommy and Daddy to continue doing oral stimulation and try to feed me from a bottle again to see if it would be easier now. She said if my jaw is growing that potentially my surgery could happen sooner and I could get off my trach and g tube. Above, you can see a picture of a baby after having her jaw distraction surgery. I would be inpatient about two weeks after having the surgery and then be sent home for about a month with Mommy and Daddy turning the screws a few times a day. Then, they would remove the hardware and I would be a whole new baby!

Guess what I am a month old today!!!! Mommy says it has gone by way too fast. Mommy and Daddy say that I am going to have two dates to celebrate every year - one will be my birthday but the other will be the date I got to come home from the hospital - since that really will be a celebration!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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