Thursday, January 8, 2009

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

Instead of having surgery today, I stayed home and focused on getting better. Even without the Tylenol with Codeine I was able to get a couple good naps. Because I wasn't coughing much I also was able to keep all of my feedings down without a problem. In the afternoon I played with Mommy, Daddy and my doggies. Now that I am walking my parents will give me something to "take to Mommy" or "take to Daddy" so I can practice my walking skills. I know it is only a matter of time before I will start hearing "take out the trash" or "go put your clothes in the washer" but this is a first step!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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  1. Good morning Peyton,
    Your last picture is the little girl we've been missing for the past week or so! We're happy your feeling better and getting your strength back!
    Our love,
    Granpa and Granma Mower