Monday, January 5, 2009

Sunday, January 4th, 2009

Mommy's "shift" started about 6 this morning. She got an update from Daddy and sent him off to bed. I slept pretty well for a few hours but all of a sudden I sat up, signed "monkey" (for the sock monkey Uncle Steve got me for Christmas) and then proceeded to start throwing up. Mommy went to get me out of my crib and then I threw up all over her as well. Oh the fun begins! Mommy had kept thanking her lucky stars that I had avoided the coughing followed by vomiting that I had experienced back in November but she celebrated too soon. After about 15 minutes of on and off vomiting I rested a moment and then I was ready to play!
Mommy had me hooked up to the trach mist so I only had a few feet of tube length before I ran out so Mommy brought some toys over for me to play with. We also watched "Baby Signing Times" and "Mommy & Me Playgroup Favorites" over and over and over. After a few hours I was wiped out and went back down for another nap. While I was sleeping Daddy took over watching me and Mommy went to get my medicine filled. Daddy started my feeding really slow (back to my continous rate) and this time I was able to keep it down.
Mommy gave me a quick bath in the evening but then I started having a coughing fit that would not stop. It was time for a breathing treatment anyway but it took a long time for me to settle down enough that the coughing stopped. I was pretty worn out and slept in Mommy's arms for an hour or so. She decided to put me down in my crib for the night but as soon as she did I woke up. I had some energy so I played in my crib for the next hour or so before finally falling asleep again. Marianne has me tonight so my Daddy gave her an update and showed her how to use the nebulizer machine for my breathing treatments and my parents were off to a better night's sleep then they have had in a few days.

Peyton Nicole Smith

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  1. Good morning Peyton,
    We're so sorry you started out the New Year with a stint in the hospital, but we're glad mommy and daddy are able to have you recupe at home. I think when your not feeling your perkiest waking up in your own bed, and being surrounded
    by people(and your furry brothers)
    who love you LOTS, is the best way to get back to feeling better! Our best wishes for you being up and about soon.
    Huga and kisses,
    Granpa and Granma Mower