Monday, January 26, 2009

Sunday, January 25th, 2009

You can see my above signing "cow" while holding a plastic cow. Most of the time I can identify the animal but I'm not always 100% accurate. Today I was playing with the small plastic animals from a Noah's ark set. So as you would expect there are two of each animal - birds, giraffes, turtles, etc. They are all mixed up in a large container for me to play with. At some point I walked over to Mommy with an animal in each hand - and they were a matching set - a lion and lioness. Mommy was pretty impressed that out of all the animals I picked two that were the same but she had to laugh when I signed "dog". They do look a lot like dogs and as Daddy pointed out to Mommy we have a matching "set" of weanie dogs.
Speaking of my furry brothers, Henry pretty much ignores me unless I have food. Since he is so athletic he just jumps up on furniture to get away from me when I am bothering him. Chili on the other hand, has never been the athlete - he can't really jump up on furniture unless he gets a good running start - and even then it's iffy. Chili also happens to be a little afraid of me and I have picked up on that. Now that I am a little steadier (and faster) on my feet, I like to chase him around the house. I know it is not nice to torment Chili but it is just so much fun! He's starting to get smarter though, and hide under the table so I don't notice him. Mommy tried to assure my brothers that eventually we will be good friends but I'm not sure Chili believes her. The small amount of food I throw his way doesn't seem worth it when I am chasing him around the house!
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