Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday, January 11th, 2009

Because I was still on hour feedings so I could keep my formula down, my parents decided it was time to put my backpack on me and see how I did. Despite the smile on my face I threw quite the fit the first time they tried it. It is a little heavy considering I only weigh 18 pounds myself. I was a little top heavy, but eventually I got used to it and walked around.
At one point tonight, Mommy got up to get the phone. When she got off she talked with Daddy for a moment. Suddenly, it seemed way too quiet and they realized I had taken off. Within just a few minutes, I had made it from the kitchen all the way down the hall and into the office. That's a long walk - espesically when all the lights were out and I did it in the dark. I am not only walking - I am starting to walk quickly to get away from my parents when they come looking for me! Lucille is going to have her hands full!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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