Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

It was a busy day for Mommy and I. Mid-morning I had a feeding therapy appointment with Karen. She could tell pretty quickly that I had made lots of improvement since her last visit. I was willing to sit in my highchair the whole time as long as I kept getting fed! I had crushed up crackers, veggie sticks and cheerios. I would let Karen give me bites off a spoon while I put some in my mouth using my fingers. I also showed off how I can lick crumbs off the spon. I gagged a tiny bit a few times but nothing significant so Karen was pretty happy. Later, Karen gave me some pixie stick and I had a pretty big reaction to the sour taste - but wasn't put off too much because I wanted more! My parents are going to continue to work with me by giving me different foods and flavors that can be crushed up to a finer consistency.
In the afternoon, Sherry came back from Maxim, the nursing agency for the 30 day review of my plan of care. She was impressed with my progress since last month to get me off of my night feeds and what a good walker I have become.
Peyton Nicole Smith

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