Saturday, January 10, 2009

Friday, January 9th, 2009

After two days of no vomiting we had a little incident today. Mid-afternoon before my appointment with Terry, my special ed teacher, Mommy came out to check on me. I had just finished a feeding (today I was back to my 20 minute feeds) and when I saw Mommy I got excited. Mommy thinks that is what got me coughing and eventually vomiting. Later in the day, though, I took two more feedings without a problem. Mommy thinks there must be a bullseye on her that says, "Throw up here please!"

I had lots of fun playing with Terry today. She brought a book with pictures of toys velocroed to it. Whenever I would pull off the picture and hand it to Terry she would pull the toy out of her bag and I would get to play with it. Mommy gave Terry some pictures of things that I like (water bottle, my lovie, Elmo, Baby Signing Time DVD) and she is going to laminate them and put velcro on them so we can create a poster board that I can use the same way. Then I can show my parents what I want in addition to signing it.

My hand surgery got rescheduled today - but not until May 21st. Such a long way off but I think my parents are happy not to have to worry about it for awhile.

I discovered in the last few days that I have two lovies. Usually, my parents hide one in a drawer while I use the other one and then when I am asleep they switch them and throw one in the wash. I am pretty observant, though, and I noticed when Mommy was putting away the laundry that there was another lovie in the drawer. Whenever I see the second lovie I whine to get it and then I hold both of them as I make my way around the house. What can be better than two lovies!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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  1. Hi Peyton,
    Glad your continuing to improve.
    Your such a smart little girl to have figured out that you have two
    lovies to enjoy!
    We're glad you have your hand surgery rescheduled for May honey.
    That gives you lots of time to grow
    and put on a few pounds1
    I can't believe how much you are starting to look like your mommy(smart and pretty).No offense daddy!
    Our love,
    Granpa and Granma Mower