Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Monday, January 12th, 2009

After keeping all my feedings down yesterday, Mommy moved my feedings back to 20 minutes today and success! No vomiting! I also spent less time coughing and more time playing. In the afternoon, Mommy had to wake me up about 20 minutes into my nap for my physical therapy appointment with Michael. It is so hard for Michael to keep me entertained now, if I don't like what we are doing I just get up and walk away and find something else I would rather be doing.

Terry, my special ed teacher, had asked Mommy to compile a list of my signs so she could make sure she learned them as well so we could communicate. When Mommy got done she realized I sign 70+ signs. Pretty impressive, don't ya think? My cousin, Jackson, is starting sign language classes soon. We'll be able to sign to each other - it will be lots of fun! Mommy has noticed that I will "talk" to myself using signs when I am in my crib falling asleep. I also like to "talk" to myself in the mirror - I certainly seem to have lots to say.

Peyton Nicole Smith

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