Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

A girl can't have too many friends - here I am walking around (while eating mind you) with Elmo and Sock Monkey. Mommy is following close behind with the camera and my backpack with feeding pump - she doesn't slow me down much!

I had an appointment today with my hard of hearing teacher, Kiersten. Mommy returned some DVD's and "checked out" a few more so she can keep one step ahead of me with new signs. I LOVE my Baby Signing Times videos - but there are only four in the series. We are moving on to the Signing Time series but they just don't hold my attention as much - more talking, less singing. So when Mommy puts them on - it is more for her benefit to learn the signs herself and teach me later.

Peyton Nicole Smith


  1. Good morning Miss Peyton,
    You are a serious(but tiny force
    to be reckoned with)!You are a
    unique little girl, who has all of her family and many friends under her spell.
    Have a wonderful day sweetheart
    and get into as much mischief as possible!

  2. Love this pic! I bet mommy and daddy never thought they'd see the day when you'd be walking down the hallway at home whith all your toys in hand. Look at you now!

    You have grown SO much, and are such a great blessing for us all.

    We love you!

    The Utah Smiths