Thursday, January 22, 2009

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

Yesterday, not long after a diaper change I went and got myself a diaper and brought it to Lucille. I kept signing "diaper" even though Lucille said I shouldn't need a diaper change so soon. Because I was so insistent, Lucille decided to check and sure enough - I had a messy diaper. Now Mommy has been having me throw away my diapers after a diaper change, but I have never been taught to go get a new diaper so Mommy was pretty impressed. This seems to be a sign of early readiness for potty training. So Mommy went on a search and found me a potty on line. It comes with a book, a DVD and a dolly with her very own potty. Mommy can't wait to get started!

Peyton Nicole Smith


  1. Your intelligence has never been doubted sweet girl, and I know that your mommy would be delighted to have you potty trained! Hence her quick online shopping "trip" to order your new doll, book, and potty.

    Tell her not to rush it though, you're only little for so long!

    Love and miss you!

    Aunt Kristin

  2. I agree with your Aunt Kristin. There is no need to rush potty training. Especially with your surgery coming. You will need to use your hands to wipe all by yourself. Your parents are lucky because I hear little girls are much easier to potty train than little boys.