Thursday, October 11, 2007

Wednesday, October 10th

Today was my first day with my new nurses. Lucille started at 7 am and stayed with me until 3 pm. She is very nice and she said I slept almost the entire day. Mommy tried to get a little sleep this morning since she has been taking care of me the last few nights. She had a hard time letting Lucille take care of me without feeling guilty but she has to learn to so she can start back to work soon.
After Lucille left at 3, Mommy spent a few hours with me before Daddy got home. She set up my mirror that Aunt Kristin got me when she was here this weekend. I thought the baby in the mirror was kind of interesting but I started to cry and so did she - and that made me cry more!
Daddy and Mommy tried me out in my papasan for the first time tonight. It has pretty lights above my head that are stars that rotate around. It took just a few seconds and I was out! I didn't stay asleep too long though.
Dadddy has been saying I have smiled from the beginning but Mommy wasn't so sure. Tonight while she was holding me, though, when she smiled at me I smiled back. So as far as Mommy is concerned today was my first smile. Sometimes when I am sleeping I will smile and laugh a little. Mommy wonders what a six week old finds funny! (Maybe the thought of her parents having to change her messy diapers?)

Before my night nurse, Terry came to stay with me, Mommy and Daddy gave me my first sponge bath at home. After that I was pretty tired and slept until Terry showed up to take over. Mommy thought it would be really hard to sleep tonight because she thought she should be up taking care of me, but after two nights of not sleeping she fell asleep pretty fast and slept until the alarm work her up. She must have been pretty tired!

Peyton Nicole Smith


  1. Peyton, it is so nice to see you at home with your mommy and daddy where you belong. Now the real fun can begin! I like your little swing, it looks very cozy. Be a good girl but not too good, we don't want mom too spoiled. :)

  2. Wait until your 2 and then you will love making faces and talking in the mirror!!

  3. My name is Shane Sadler. I have got to know your story through Kristen. I just saw her today and she strongly suggested that I leave a post.
    I have been in Kristin's study group for school and have got to know her and Lonnie throught that.
    When she told me about Peyton, I knew that I might have some contacts to help and I forwarded them to her. I hope that you have been able to get in touch with Early Intervention, etc.
    My son Harrison, who is eleven, has autism and was diagnosed at age three. It has been a struggle at times, but the rewards outshine that.
    Let me tell you how lucky you are to have such great family support. Kristin knows our story and in brief, they abandoned us when Harrison was diagnosed and it hasn't gotten much better.
    Your baby is beautiful and it is so great she is finally home.

  4. It's just wonerful that you are finally home Peyton. You are just adorable and getting bigger everytime I look at your Blog. So how many inches are you now? Chili looks very protective and I know Aunt Kristin is too, she says you are Aunts little girl. Tell mommy hi she is so strong and such a good mommy!!

  5. Baby girl,

    Hello! Lucille and Terry are lucky to have such a wonderful baby to take care of! I hope they realize how important their job is, and that they have ME to answer to if they don't take care of you to my expectations.

    Trying to work on my November schedule so I can come for another visit soon. I will wait another week for mommy to get an update from Dr. Morales regarding your surgery, but won't be able to hold off seeing you much longer!

    Love and kisses!

    Aunt Kristin