Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Monday, October 29th, 2007

Wow, this day was just jam packed with stuff! First of all, Mommy got a good scare when we lost power in the house. It only lasted a few minutes but it put Mommy's emergency plan to the test. She had the phone number posted in several places to the local electric company so she could report the outage but didn't have the account number so she added that now too. Hopefully, that won't happen again any time in the near future.
A few minutes later both Wendy's from Alta Regional came by to do my evaluation. They had me take a few tests. I passed some and failed others but they said not to worry - they are going to try to help me so I can pass the tests in the future. They are going to send out a physical therapist so Mommy and Daddy learn how to play with me in ways that will help develop appropriately.
Daddy came home early today so we could all go to the doctor's office together. You can see him holding me in the waiting room above. I didn't get my 11 or 2 pm feedings and I was hungry but I was being such a good girl while we waited for the doctor. I got lots of comments about my pretty eyes and all that hair!
First I got weighed. They let me keep my clothes on and I weighed in at a whopping 8 lbs 6 ozs! I have another doctor's appointment tomorrow and we'll see how much I weigh with my clothes off! Then, they put me on the table so the doctor's could take a good look at me. I was smiling and happy up until the point that they reached over and ripped out my g tube! I say ripped because they weren't too gentle about it and they didn't even numb it first! Let's just say I was not a happy girl after that. There was a little blood so Mommy couldn't watch but Daddy held my hand to try to comfort me as they put the Mic-KEY button in. Daddy rocked me for a few minutes until I calmed down and then it was time for the next bad thing to happen to me. What my parents thought was an infection around my g tube was actually called granulation tissue. It was kind of tender and getting bigger and it isn't good to have it hanging around. So the doctors pulled out silver nitrate sticks and "painted" the tissue which will help to make it go away. Unfortunately, it hurts because it is burning the skin. That got me crying all over again! This time Mommy rocked me and within a few minutes I settled down and fell asleep. Needless to say I wasn't in the mood to smile at the doctors after that. Because there was so much granulation tissue they want to see me back in a few weeks to make sure it is going away. They sent my parents home with more silver nitrate sticks and some steroid cream to use over the next few weeks. Then, in three months they will change out the button again and teach my parents so they can do it in the future.
As you can imagine I was pretty worn out by that point so I slept all the way home. As soon as they got me home they started my feeding and Mommy rocked me. It took just a little while and I was back to sleep - and I slept - and slept - and slept. I basically slept from the time we got home (around 3 pm) until 8 pm when my parents did my nightly bath. Then I went back to sleep until 11 pm when Mimi showed up. And then I slept all night too - waking up at my normal 5 am. Getting a button is exhausting!
Peyton Nicole Smith