Friday, October 26, 2007

Thursday, October 25th, 2007

Call off the dogs! My Aunt Kristin was able to find Chili's favorite chew toy and is sending a couple of them so we are set for a while. Thanks Aunt Kristin!

It was a pretty quiet day yesterday. My Mommy has been busy trying to get everything worked out with Medi-cal to get me nursing services. There is a waiver program that will cover nursing for me so I don't have to be in a facility. They came out yesterday to do an evaluation and today Mommy got a letter that I am considered medically eligible for the waiver. Now, the county Medi-cal office needs a bunch of paperwork from Mommy to determine eligibility. It will probably take a month or so to get put in place. Luckily, another agency is picking up the cost of the nursing in the interim since I have already maxed out what Daddy's insurance will pay. It sounds like it will all work itself out eventually but it takes a lot of phone calls and paperwork to get me what I need. Thank goodness my Mommy works in the insurance industry and understands a lot of this!

I am really a very good girl. I am awake a lot during my parents "shift" but I am pretty happy most of the time. I try to make it easy on my parents since they haven't had a baby before and they are just learning.

Peyton Nicole Smith