Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Monday, October 1st, 2007

Mommy came by this morning. She got to do a lot to take care of me since the baby next to me was having a lot of problems breathing. Mommy changed my diaper several times, gave me a bath, put my new leads on and suctioned my nose and mouth when I spit up several times. I took a few cc's of breast milk again in my bottle. Jeanette said to try a bigger nipple next time to see how I do with that.

Daddy and Mommy came back this evening together. These may be the last pictures you see of me for awhile since Mommy dropped the camera and broke it! You can see Daddy making fishie faces with me - and Mommy was trying to get a better angle of the shot when she dropped the camera. Oops! Daddy teased Mommy that if I drop the camera how does he know she won't drop me too : ) This morning the nurse must have thrown away my preemie nipple because they couldn't find it tonight. So they tried out a regular nipple and I did just fine - I took about 5 cc's of milk. I was a little fussy for a while but Mommy was able to get me back to sleep in the rocking chair. Mommy was happy to see me sleeping so peacefully when they left last night since I had such a rough morning.

Peyton Nicole Smith


  1. Hi sweet girl!

    Looks like mommy and daddy need a new camera! We'll make sure she gets one soon, as I couldn't live without my daily pictures of you!

    I will see you soon, can't wait to kiss you in person!!!

    Aunt Kristin

  2. Tracy,
    Just heard that Peyton will be able to go home with you and Travis this weekend...right on! Home is where she needs to be, and you'll have even more time to spend with Peyton, without having to travel. Congratulations on Peyton's improvement and glad to know she'll be home with mom & dad.
    Let us know if there is ever anything you need...although I am sure Kristin has that department covered and then some.

    Kelly Jaramillo

  3. Tracy and Travis,
    Congratulations. I have been keeping up with little Peyton through your amazing blog. She is going to be so happy to have this diary of her precious, little life. She is so lucky to have you as parents.
    She is absolutely beautiful. I remember feeding my son (he was born premature) and getting him to take 5cc's (1/6th of one ounce) was a huge fete!
    Keep up the good work. She is doing so well and is so beautiful.
    Take care and please keep us posted!

  4. Hey baby Niki!

    Sounds like mom and dad got a brand new camera last night, so you're going to be a superstar again! Can't believe how many pics they've taken of you already. You're worth it! Keep up the progress, and you will be home on Monday.

    48 hours from now I will be holding you! Can't wait!

    Aunt Kristin