Sunday, October 7, 2007

Sunday, October 7th, 2007

It's early Sunday morning and you can see how we are all doing. The night and morning went really well. They all took such good care of me. When the nurse checked up on us this morning she was impressed that they didn't call her at all. I had a really good night. I had a continuous feeding from 8 pm to 6 am. The nurse would bring in the milk at three different times to put in the pump - the first time I didn't even budge. At midnight I woke up for just a little while but went back to sleep after about an hour of rocking. Then, at four I woke up just long enough to get my diaper changed and then fell back to sleep.
Mommy and Daddy got a few hours of sleep total. Aunt Kristin got a little more. They are definately going to get some coffee today. I am so proud of them though. They took such good care of me!
Peyton Nicole Smith


  1. Hi baby girl!

    I am back in Salt Lake, and miss you already! The airport and flight were uneventful, but I keep thinking about your sweet little face, and wishing I could be there to watch you wake up tomorrow morning! Mom and dad are pro's, and are going to take great care of you.

    It won't be long until we can all be together under one big, happy roof. Right dad?! You promised me, remember?

  2. It's been so fun getting to know your family through Kristin! Hope you don't mind if I comment on your beautiful baby now and then.

  3. Hey sis. Can't wait to see all of you in a few weeks. Call me if you get a chance. Love you.

  4. Hello again Peyton. You look sweeter every day! I am glad to hear that you were a good girl for your mommy when you had your sleep over together. Just wait, soon you will be together every night and you can show mommy what fun really is!

    Tracy, Peyton looks like such a sweet baby and I can't wait to finally meet her. Take care you yourself and love that little sweetie!

  5. Peyton - You sound like you have been much to good for your Mommy, Auntie and Daddy! I mean you actually let them sleep. You better knock that off or they will start to expect it :) hee hee.

    Tracy - can't wait to see the pictures of Peyton in your home! We all wish you were closer so we could visit and help (maybe some day). OK - now's the time to put that advice into play, "sleep when the baby is sleeping"!

    Take Care!!!

  6. Peyton,

    You don't know me but I work with your proud aunt Kristin. Every time she talks about you she just beams of pride for you. I just wanted to comment on what a beautiful little girl you are and I hope you don't mind if I pop in now and then to see how you are, its been great fun to see pictures and your progress.

  7. Hi Peyton,

    Just wanted you to know that your Aunt Kristin loves and misses you more than you will ever know. She talks about you all the time here at work and is always giving us updates on your progress. She had such a great time visiting you over the weekend she didn't even want to come back to work. That means you are very special because Aunt Kristin always want to work.:o) I hear you will be going home soon, maybe even today. Just be sure to let mommy and daddy get a little bit of sleep once in awhile. :o)
    Tracy and Travis, you have a beautiful little girl. Your web site is great. I love all the pictures and update on Peytons progress. You are doing a great job.

  8. Peyton,
    it is so exciting to know that you are coming home soon. Aunt Kristin loved holding you all weekend and said you are definitely ready to come home and see the boys! Cant wait till we can see you again, which will hopefully be soon. love you,
    jason and traiton

  9. What a cute baby! You are going to be a handful for your parents when you get older!
    You have a wonderful support system and many friends and family that love you very much. What more can you ask for!!!
    Take care and I wish you guys all the best!