Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

It was another lazy day for me. I slept really well for the day nurse (probably because I didn't sleep for the night nurse much!) Mommy spent quite a bit of time rocking me tonight, mostly because she loves being able to hold me whenever she wants, and not because I couldn't sleep in the crib on my own. Mommy got in touch with a place called WarmLine that acts as a resource for families with kids with special needs like me. They have a program called Parent Matching - so Mommy got a call tonight from Dawnell who has a 12 year old son with Downs Syndrome. He had a trach from 1-2 years of age and has always had a g tube. It was nice for Mommy to talk to another mommy about those types of things and ask questions. Dawnell says she will call Mommy once a week or so to check in and make sure she is doing okay.

Mommy also emailed the director of the Foundation for Nager and Miller Syndromes to find out about upcoming conventions and to see about getting contact info for other Nager parents. The director said they are getting ready to put out another one of their newsletters and would love to include a picture of me as one of their "new faces". It's my first modeling gig! Now Mommy has to get a photo session with me completed soon in cute outfits so she has a really good picture to send!

Peyton Nicole Smith


  1. Hi Peyton! Just saw all the new pics of you, and you are as cute as your cousin Traiton. It will be fun to see you grow and develop your personality...I bet you will be strong, outgoing, and probably always get your way (at least when it comes to Aunt Kristin). The picture of your daddy holding your little hand is neat! Tell your mommy to post a copy of the picture used in your first modeling gig. Can't wait. Take care and continue your improvement.

  2. It is so comforting to talk with other parents and share experiences. It is amazing how since I became a mommy I can talk to complete strangers about my kids.

  3. Peyton,

    If your mother gets modeling pics taken of you before she snaps the MUCH AWAITED birth announcement pic, she's going to have ME to answer to! I can't wait any longer, PLEASE tell her that I'm ready for you to be announced to the world!!!