Monday, October 15, 2007

Sunday, October 14th, 2007

Daddy went and picked up the glider that Aunt Kristin bought me while Mommy cared for me. Daddy then took care of me while Mommy went to the grocery store. They are getting very good at coordinating with each other. They work really well as a team.

I gave Mommy a scare this afternoon, though. She went to change my diaper and found a little bit of blood mixed in. That got her all worried so she called my pediatrician's office. The on call nurse had Dr Scott call her back. Mommy explained what she saw and Dr Scott said as long as I didn't have a hard tummy or any other bloody diapers that I was probably just fine but to call her back if there were any other symptoms. Mommy watched my next diapers really closely and everything seemed fine, but she still hung on to the diaper for a while just in case she needed to bring me in. Daddy thought this was pretty funny and wondered if I wanted to frame it or put it in the baby book.

Tonight Mommy and Daddy changed my trach for the first time since being home. It was kind of scary but Daddy is so calm and got it in just fine. There was a teeny bit of blood the next few times they suctioned but I am doing fine.

I had a new night nurse tonight, her name is Carol Lee. She seems very nice and on the ball so Mommy felt very comfortable leaving me with her. Carol Lee said she wouldn't mind taking the night shift on the weekends since I was such a good girl.

Peyton Nicole Smith

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  1. Must you use the picture where Peyton is picking her nose!

    She and Travis look IDENTICAL in this picture, if I remember correctly, that's what he looks like when he picks his nose also!

    Just kidding Travis, you know I love you, and miss you dearly! Don't worry, my feelings aren't hurt that you "shunned" my next visit.