Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Monday, October 15th, 2007

I had a good day today. After my day nurse left, Mommy and I spent about 5 hours together by ourselves since Daddy had to close the office. Initially, I was fussy but Mommy and I rocked for several hours together. She turned on the karaoke on Comcast and sang lots of songs to me while I slept. She is not that great of a singer, but she tries! She thought our theme song would be "Brown Eyed Girl" but since I have blue eyes she'll have to come up with another one for the two of us.

Because Daddy got home so late, they skipped on my bath tonight. Whenever I am fussy, Daddy puts me on his lap on a pillow and I calm right down.

Peyton Nicole Smith


  1. Hi Peyton....I have a suggestion on a song for you and mommy....Sweet Child of Mine by Guns N Roses. Have mommy listen to it, it might be fitting for the two of you. :)

  2. peyton is looking great, I think Traiton may have some competition on who has the biggest hair pretty soon!! Love you and cant wait to see you guys again.

    love jason and traiton