Friday, October 12, 2007

Thursday, October 11th, 2007

Today was my Daddy's birthday! He turned 32 today. Mommy and I worked on a shadow box for him with some of the things they have kept from the hospital and pictures of us together. Daddy said I was the best birthday present ever so not sure what Mommy is going to do next year (maybe a sibling?) Mommy went and got some chinese food from a local place they like and traded off holding me so they could eat. It wasn't an exciting birthday but it was our first together as a family.

Mommy scheduled my visit to get my MIC-Key (Mickey) button put in place for the 29th. Right now I have a tube that hangs out a little from my tummy. The MIC-Key button will lay closer to my skin so I can wear regular clothes and spend time on my tummy.

You can see pictures above with my and my brother Chili. Henry doesn't seem very interested in me, but Chili loves me. (No, he is not licking his chops because he wants to eat me, he is trying to figure out how to get to the milk in my g tube!) Chili uses his big nose to poke at things and I was just something new to poke. Daddy stopped him before he got too excited and poked me over onto my tummy! I had been really upset just a few minutes before during my bath and trach tie change but as soon as Daddy put me on the floor with my brother Chili I calmed right down and watched him. I think we are going to be really good friends!

Peyton Nicole Smith


  1. I guess you can be stingy with you food now (I’m just guessing that is how Chili feels about it) but when you are older I am sure you will share plenty of it with your brothers. Let’s just hope you don't decide to have Chili share his food with you. I would think it was cute and funny like when my two year old cousin did it but not really sure what your mom and dad would say about that. My mom thought it was funny that my cousin did it while she was babysitting but for some reason his mom did not feel the same way :)That must be exciting to be able to join the family in a birthday so soon. Don't worry even if dad's was not exciting for you they will make sure your birthday is really fun and cute. I hope you keep behaving for you mom and dad over the weekend and get lots of rest so you can grow big and strong. I look forward to seeing how your weekend went on Monday :)