Monday, October 15, 2007

Saturday, October 13th, 2007

Mommy and Daddy decided not to get a day nurse on the weekends. My night nurse, Terry, had to leave early (at 5 am instead of 7 am) to go to another job in the morning so Mommy got up around a quarter to 5 so he could get ready to leave. She was shocked to find him sleeping away on the couch and not taking care of me! She did a few things in the room thinking that might wake him up but a few minutes later his alarm on his cell phone rang and he got up. She wasn't sure if the home health company policy allowed for sleeping so she didn't say anything at the time. For the second night in a row he indicated he had forgotten to change the ice pack in my feeding bag and that bugged Mommy too. Although he is really nice, she is going to follow up with Maxim to ask that he not come back.

Once that excitement passed it was a pretty lazy Saturday morning. Mommy and Daddy decided to move everything around to make it easier to get to things. They tried to get a few things done around the house while I would sleep. In the evening, though, I got really upset for about an hour. I was crying like I had never cried before, all red and mad, not like me at all. Mommy and Daddy tried to comfort me but it wasn't working. All of a sudden, while Daddy was holding me, I let out a big noise in my diaper and then I calmed right down and started to fall asleep. I had a tummy ache!

Lucille, my day nurse, agreed to watch me tonight since there wasn't a night nurse available. Mommy feels really comfortable with her so she was glad Lucille was able to stay with me. The rest of the night I slept pretty good - I wore myself out with all that crying.

Peyton Nicole Smith

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