Sunday, October 7, 2007

Saturday, October 6th, 2007

Mommy, Daddy and Aunt Kristin arrived for our "rooming in" this morning at 10 am. It took about 6 hours before they got moved into the room where we are going to stay tonight. So during the in between time they stayed by my bedside in the NICU. Aunt Kristin held me pretty much the whole time! She just adores me!

Around 6 pm, I got kind of fussy and as they were checking me out the noticed that my g-tube sutures seem to have pulled out. Since there wasn't a pediatric surgeon around tonight, they taped it really good so it wouldn't pull out and they are going to have it checked out in the morning.

Daddy left for a few hours at night to check on my furry brothers while Mommy and Aunt Kristin worked on getting me to sleep since I didn't sleep much during the day. The other room has a couple with twins - hopefully we will all be good tonight and let our parents sleep!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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  1. Peyton,
    You are an adorable little angel, and are very lucky to have the special parents that you do, and your Auntie Kristin sure brags about your and shows your pictures to everyone who comes into her office. I keep telling her she needs to have a baby of her own, with all the love she has to offer, imagine how spoiled her own child would be. Tracy, Peyton is really, really cute, and looks much improved with each new picture that you post on your family blog. Take care.
    Kelly Jaramillo