Monday, October 29, 2007

Saturday, October 27th & Sunday, October 28th

It was a nice, lazy weekend at home. On Saturday, my Daddy moved some things around in my crib and got the Fisher Price aquarium set up for me. My parents got a pleasant surprise when they discovered that it can put me to sleep within just a few minutes. Since I won't take a pacifier, this is huge! Previously, the only thing they could do to get me to sleep was to rock me or pat my back. Now they have another option. It worked several times throughout the weekend.

Daddy also did minor surgery on the Build-A-Bear bear they had made for me before I was born. Now, she has a trach just like me! Instead of the velcro trach tie that I have, though, she has some pretty pink ribbon holding hers on.

On Sunday, everything was going fine until my 2 pm feeding. Then, I spit up a little after my feeding. Daddy and Mommy cleaned me up and since it was a nice day decided to take me out in my stroller. They got two houses away and I spit up again. They rushed me back home, cleaned me up and then Mommy settled down to rock me. This time I spit up all over me and Mommy. So, three outfits later, I finally fell asleep. Daddy doesn't get rattled much but Mommy was all stressed because she is so afraid it will go down my trach and into my lungs.

Speaking of trachs, Mommy and Daddy changed my trach again tonight. They are still nervous but are getting to be old pros at it now. They try to be very organized and have everything within reach just in case there was an emergency (smaller size trach, trach bag, cell phone to call 911). I know that as soon as they are done each Sunday they breathe a huge sigh of relief that they have another week before they have to do it again. Since they started using the sponges underneath my trach and changing them every day the site keeps much cleaner. They also found out that if they cut the end of the trach ties at an angle they slide into the hole in the trach much easier. Like I said, they are getting to be old pros. Believe me, I am glad they are. The faster they change my trach the happier I am!

Peyton Nicole Smith