Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

I've had several hearing tests in the first 21 months of my life but nothing prepared Mommy for the one today. Maybe it was because I was ready for a nap or maybe it was because I was hungry - or maybe it was because I had surgery just a few days ago and wasn't wanting anyone to be messing with me - but it was ugly! As soon as the door shut behind us in the little room and the nice lady started showing me some toys the tears began. And this wasn't just a little whining - this was all out sobbing! I tried to bury myself in Mommy's chest but sometimes the noise would be so loud I would look up briefly. At times, I would stop crying for a brief moment to listen - but my head would never leave Mommy's chest. Finally, I started trying to climb up Mommy and pointing out the door. It took Mommy a few minutes to figure out what I was signing - Lucille (who was on the other side of the door). Eventually, they took pity on me and put a stop to the test. I won't have to go back for six months - will that be long enough for me (or Mommy for that matter) to forget about this one?
Peyton Nicole Smith

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