Monday, May 4, 2009

Sunday, May 3rd, 2009

Mommy figured out the trick to getting me on Grandma's lap and staying there - a book! Grandma read "So Big" about Elmo about five times this morning but I don't think she minded.
Because I did so well at IHOP last night, we decided to go to Mimi's this morning for breakfast. Mommy was smart and called ahead and it was a good thing - the place was packed. We got seated pretty quickly though and Mommy poured some tomato juice in an empty creamer cup and that kept me quiet until it was time to leave. It was pouring rain so Daddy went and got the car and brought it around so we didn't get soaked!
Henry hadn't been feeling well since last night but he seemed to perk up a little when we got home this morning. He spent a little time outside and then jumped up on Mommy's lap for some cuddle time. Within a few minutes he jumped back down and when Mommy looked at her lap she was horrified. Apparently, his tummy was not quite back to normal yet and he had went potty all over her lap. Mommy didn't want to move and get it all over the chair so she tried calling out to Daddy. She was so disgusted that when Grandma kept asking her what was wrong she just kept saying she needed Daddy! Grandma went to get him from the office and he thought it was pretty funny. After a quick outfit change and hauling out the little carpet cleaner it was all taken care of. Henry was sent back to bed until he felt better.
In the afternoon I went down for a nap while Grandma and Mommy watched movies and Daddy played on the computer. It started to clear up a little by late afternoon so we all headed to a little Mexican place for an early dinner. Since I only took one short nap and my parents didn't bring any toys to play with I started to get grumpy towards the end. Mommy and Grandma were feeling pretty good though after having a yummy blended margarita. (Looking at the glasses, I think Grandma drank more than Mommy!) When we got home, it was time to get to bed so Grandma got to watch me get my trach change tonight and then I was off to sleep.
Peyton Nicole Smith


  1. Sounds like you got a lot of restaurant time while Grandma was in town! Lucky girl! Between all your visits to the park and the store, you are getting to be a busy girl!

    Sorry to hear that Henry wasn't feeling well, and more sorry to hear that mommy paid the price! I think I would have vomited! Good thing Bailey's too small for my lap...

  2. Besides the pics of you and grandma laughing, these are truly my favorite.

    You are going to treasure these pics for a long time to come! And one day, when mommy is reading to your little girl or boy, you will think back to these pics and remember how amazing your great grandma Joyce was!

    Glad to see that you had such a wonderful visit together!