Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

Just like with many decisions in my life, when it comes to eating I have very strong opinions. I only like ice cream that is white - the flavor isn't as important. I will eat ginger, mint and vanilla because they are all white. My two favorite things right now are apple juice and white ice cream. When it was time for my feeding therapy appointment today, I started off by requesting ice cream. Mommy had just bought a frozen fruit variation for me to try. Although Mommy and Karen were very positive with me about trying the "red ice cream" I wanted nothing to do with it and displayed my displeasure by throwing three spoons on the floor and pushing the container with the "ice cream" around the tray. Karen and Mommy gave me a moment to get back into control of my emotions and moved on to a cracker. Once I was munching away they reintroduced the "red ice cream" and after dipping my cracker into it, I decided I really did like it after all! Since my mood improved Mommy also brought out the mac and cheese baby food and I was dipping my whole hand in the jar to get at it! So Mommy and Karen learned a lesson - start me off with something familiar before introducing something new!
Peyton Nicole Smith

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  1. I am SO surprised to hear that you won't eat anything red, as red is your favorite color! And with ice cream being your favorite food, I would think red ice cream would be your favorite!

    Sounds like mommy figured out the trick! Now if I could only figure out a trick to prevent Jackson from throwing all his food off his highchair tray to Bailey!

    Love and miss you! Have a wonderful weekend, and hope you have a GREAT time at the NICU bbq!