Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

After a night with little to no sleeping around 4:00 am Mommy finally decided to rock me while we watched some videos. And there we stayed for the next 4+ hours. A little after 6 am the resident came by to check on us and he said we should be able to discharge between 9-11 and he would get the paperwork all taken care of. Around 7:15, Dr James came in to say goodbye. Then Daddy and Papa arrived around 8 am. While Mommy got all my stuff together to leave, Daddy and Papa ran me down to the clinic to have my cast looked at. It wasn't long after they came back that the nurse arrived with my discharge papers and prescription. By 9 am we were on our way out the door! As soon as I got in my stroller my mood changed dramatically and I even started laughing a little - I was ready to get on the road.
When we got home I ran off to start playing with the dogs and my toys. It wasn't long, though, before I started to slow down. So while Mommy went down for a nap, so did I. After a four hour nap (that's right, four hours) we all got in the car to head to the grocery store. I entertained Daddy and Papa while Mommy shopped. By the time we got home it was dinner time so Mommy and Daddy traded off following me around and cooking. I was definately worn out so as soon as dinner was done, my parents got me ready for bed. It took me a little while to fall asleep because it's hard to get comfortable with that big cast. Around 9 pm, Daddy took my temperature and found a was running a fever. That woke me up so Mommy came out and rocked me while Daddy and Papa went to the airport to pick up Grandma. When Carol arrived at 10, I was still awake but had just gotten a dose of Tylenol so it didn't take me long before I was back to sleep - hopefully for good this time. When Grandma came home she peeked in on me. Tomorrow I will be up bright and early to play with her!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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