Monday, May 4, 2009

Friday, May 1st, 2009

Mommy and Grandma had a great night in Napa and after a wonderful breakfast, there was one more bit of pampering before they headed out of town. Mommy booked Grandma for a deep tissue massage at St Pierre Massage just a few blocks from Churchill Manor. While Grandma was getting her hour massage, Mommy sat in the "Quiet Room" and read a book since Mommy is not a fan of massages.
They made it home by mid-afternoon and I was excited to see them. Lucille and I had gone to the park earlier in the day but now it was raining. Grandma brought me a present, though, to keep me entertained - a new baby doll! It was much smaller and lighter then my Cabbage Patch boy and I took to it right away. It has a squeaker so we'll have to keep that a secret from Henry Lee or he will think it is a new toy for him! As you can see above, I even fell asleep with her tonight!
I am still warming up to Grandma but my furry brother Chili has already become good friends with her. In the evening before bedtime he likes to hang out next to her on the couch. He's really going to miss the extra attention!
Peyton Nicole Smith

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