Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

It was the day that Mommy was dreading - time to take Grandma to the airport so she could go home to Portland. Grandma hasn't been on a plane in quite some time (prior to 9/11) so Mommy talked with her about all the fun things about going through security - shoes off, liquids in a ziplock bag, etc. I think Grandma was a little nervous so she didn't sleep so well last night and was up bright and early this morning. She let Mommy snap a few pictures before she left which is a big deal because Grandma hates getting her picture taken!
Grandma got to the airport in plenty of time and it was pretty quiet so it didn't take long to get her bag checked in. Mommy walked her up to security and waited to make sure she got through. Good thing she did because Mommy was holding one of Grandma's bags! Before Grandma had made it through security she realized it was missing and got it from Mommy! She would have left without her favorite lemon bars! Some friendly folks in line helped Grandma through putting her items in the bins and got her through without any problems. Mommy was very sad to see her go and there were lots of tears.
Mommy worked for a few hours and then she and I got to play for awhile since Daddy was working late. I bonked my head pretty good around 6 pm and then Mommy put me in the bath to play. A short time later Mommy noticed that my tummy had gotten really distended and I looked like I was pregnant. A few seconds later I threw up on her (see I never miss!). Mommy wasn't sure what was going on since I had been doing so well on my feedings the last few days. Mommy got out a catheter and pulled about 1/2 my feeding out of my tummy and that seemed to help - my tummy wasn't so big and no more vomiting. In fact I ran around the house until Daddy got home close to 8 pm. An ER visit avoided!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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