Saturday, May 2, 2009

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

Mommy and Grandma got a little play time with me this morning before they needed to hit the road to head to Napa. While Mommy was showering I played ball with Grandma and we are becoming good friends. Grandma was a little disappointed to leave I think because she is afraid she'll have to start all over with me when they come back tomorrow!

It was a great ride down and Mommy made it to downtown Napa without any problems. First on the agenda was for Grandma to get her hair done. They had a little time before the appointment so Grandma and Mommy walked around the little shops. The economic down turn seems to have hit hard with lots of shops closed from the last time Mommy was in Napa. They found the doll shop was still open though and Grandma bought me a baby doll. It is much smaller and lighter than my Cabbage Patch boy so it would be easier for me to cart around with me!
While Grandma got her hair done Mommy read some magazines and relaxed then it was time to check into the bed and breakfast. Churchill Manor is where Mommy and Daddy got married several years ago and it hasn't changed a bit. Grandma and Mommy had their dinner out on the porch and in the evening had some wine and cheese in the parlor. Without a tv in their room they had plenty of time to talk before it was time to go to bed. Daddy sent Mommy a picture on her cell phone of him and I together and then she got to talk to me on the phone before I went to bed.
Peyton Nicole Smith

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  1. Love Great Grandma Joyce's hair, they did a great job!

    The room in Napa looks beautiful, and it looks like your mommy and great grandma had a wonderful time!

    Miss you TONS!