Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

Communciation device with two options.

Communication device with one option - Bigmack
You can see pictures above of my two communication devices that Terry brought me out yesterday. Mommy is still thinking on how best to use them. Today Kiersten showed Mommy, Lucille and I how to sign Jingle Bells while using sign language. Lucille got the first few but Mommy really caught on fast. She recorded my Bigmack to say "Jingle Bells". Now each time I hit it she will sing the song and do the sign language along with it! (Or until she turns my Bigmack off because she is so sick of singing the song!)
Mommy heard back from the GI office tomorrow. There is only one pediatric soy formula and the office is not familiar with it. Before they will put me on it, they want to talk to the representative who works for the company to learn more about it. In the meantime, they are going to put me on a non soy formula (Neocate Jr). I tried the Neocate non junior version back in the spring during my lactose intolerance phase. I was only on it for about a week and when it didn't help I got moved off - so this could be interesting! Daddy is going to pick up some samples tomorrow so we'll soon find out.
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