Monday, December 22, 2008

Saturday, December 20th, 2008

After all the packing and planning, it was time to leave this morning for Salt Lake. Although it was still foggy in Elk Grove at 7:30 when we took off, by the time we got into Sacramento it was starting to clear up. The rest of the drive was sunny and beautiful! Donner's Pass was not a problem at all. It took about 12 hours total to get to Salt Lake and Mommy and Daddy tried to find ways to keep me entertained - you can see some of them above - travel AquaDoodle, a sucker, DVD's and naptime. I took two 90 minute naps on the trip and the rest of the time I played quietly in my car seat. My parents only stopped three times. The first time they gassed up while I was napping. When I woke up about 1/2 hour later they pulled over to a rest stop so I could get a diaper change. The last stop was for a late lunch in Elko. They ate at Arby's and my parents agreed it was the most dirty place they have ever eaten in. They couldn't wait to get out of there! Before they left Elko, though, Daddy wanted a coffee at Starbuck's. So while he waited in the car with me, Mommy hopped out to get it. Her life passed before her eyes when a girl driving too quickly on the wrong side of the road, talking on her cell phone and with three dogs running around the car almost creamed her. Someone was looking out for Mommy for sure!
By the time we rolled into Salt Lake I had had enough of the car and was kicking the back of Daddy's seat to show my displeasure. We got to Grandma and Papa Smith's about 6:30. My parents had a quick bite to eat while I was watching the three cats in complete fascination. I hadn't ever seen a cat in person so I thought they were pretty interesting. Mommy hadn't ever seen me sign "cat" before but I am making up for lost time now.
After being in the car that long, I wanted to burn off some energy even though it was past my bedtime. I spent the next several hours showing off my signing, scooting and walking to my grandparents. I even had a new trick for them my parents hadn't even seen before. I would put my head and legs on the ground and my butt up in the air like a triangle. Then I would take my hands off the ground and wave them around. Since I got such a great reception I kept on doing it until my parents made me go to bed.
It's so nice to be safe and sound in Salt Lake. Thanks to everyone who prayed and sent good thoughts are way!
Peyton Nicole Smith

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