Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sunday, December 28th, 2008

Despite such a rough night, I had a pretty good day today. In the morning, Mommy gave me another breathing treatment and then went to sleep for a few hours while Daddy kept an eye on me. He was busy while Mommy was asleep getting caught up on the laundry. When Mommy woke up, Daddy went to wash the car and Mommy worked on more of the laundry. I just kept right on playing - I didn't even cough very often. While I was down for my afternoon nap, Mommy ran to get groceries and then she put together some of the new toys I got for Christmas. I finally got to play with my kitchen!
I was pretty grumpy by bed time and despite another breathing treatment in the evening, my oxygen saturations are still pretty low. My heart rate is looking better though so my parents are hoping I have a restful night tonight and I continue to improve.

Peyton Nicole Smith

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