Saturday, December 13, 2008

Friday, December 12th, 2008

It was the first day of my new formula, Neocate Jr. The first three feedings went off without a hitch - but the last bolus of the day I started gagging towards the end so Mommy turned it off. She is crossing her fingers that it was just a coincidence and this one will work out okay.
Mommy got a nice surprise today with an Edible Arrangement from the employees she manages at the University of Utah Health Plans. Even though the fruit looked like flowers, I figured out it was fruit so Mommy put some in my feeding bag and I got to enjoy it too! Thanks Gladys, Cheri, Josh, Peter, Calvin and Ramsey!
Mommy felt very honored today when Rachel Coleman made a comment on my blog after seeing my video of me signing. Although Rachel is a celebrity in our house, you may not know who she is. Rachel stars in the Baby Signing Time videos. She created them after her first child was diagnosed at a year old as being deaf. It is kind of ironic, because Mommy purchased the first Baby Signing Time video many years ago when my cousing, Gavin was a little slow learning to talk. Mommy had seen something on the news about the video so she purchased one for him without ever seeing it. Fast forward to December of last year when I took my hearing test and it confirmed what doctors had already suspected - I have severe bilateral hearing loss. I got a Baby Signing Time video as a gift soon after and we were introduced to the world of Rachel, Leah, Alex and Hopkins. If you haven't ever seen one of these videos they are so much fun because babies and adults can learn to sign while singing catchy tunes. It's not just for babies who are deaf and trached like me, though, all babies can learn to sign and it has wonderful benefits. You can learn more about the story behind why the videos were created and see kids signing just like me at! Check it out!
Peyton Nicole Smith


  1. Glad that Rachel is recognizing you, and what a special girl you are!

    Your mommy is lucky to have such great employees, and I'm glad you're able to reap the benefits of her beautiful fruit bouquet!

    Love and miss you sweet girl, and I will be able to kiss you in person in just one short week!

    Big smooches!

    Aunt Kristin

  2. Sebastian is HUGE HUGE fan of Signing Times, we credit it with his ability to talk now , gave him so much language before he was ever verbal.

    Unfortunately at this time we just can't afford to purchase them and we had to give back the ones we borrowed, which is a bummer.

    Good luck with the new formula , hopefully it WAS just a fluke !