Sunday, December 28, 2008

Saturday, December 27th, 2008

There are no pictures for today - it is a day probably best forgotten if you ask my parents. Not only was it time to leave Salt Lake and head home but I was also awfully sick which made the trip that much worse. As soon as I woke up I got a breathing treatment and then everything got packed up. The car was full and there wasn't much room to move around but everything did fit. Grandma and Papa Smith got up early to see us off.

The roads were really bad until after Tooele and then they cleared up. I would nap for a short period of time and then wake up crying. My breathing was pretty labored at times which scared both my parents but they knew it would be best to get me home as quickly as possible. We stopped a few times for gas and my parents ate a quick lunch in the car. For diaper changes, my parents would put me down one of the new plastic covered pillows Karen got for Daddy and they did well as a make shift changing table - pretty comfy actually. We ran into a little snow about half way into the trip but when it came time to get up over Donner's - the roads were clear, the sun was peeking from behind some clouds and traffic was moving pretty good. I slept the two and a half hours it took to get up and down Donner's and woke up about 1/2 hour from home. My parents were so relieved to finally get me there. Thanks to everyone for their thoughts and prayers.

While Mommy got all my machines set back up and I watched a video, Daddy went to pick up my furry brothers and some dinner. I played awhile in the evening and then it was time for bed. Since my parents don't have a nurse tonight, Mommy stayed up with me. My oxygen saturations and heart rate were all over the place and the alarms went off all night. I also woke up a few times - but after sitting up and seeing Mommy was there with me - I went back to sleep after a few minutes of playing. It was a long night!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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