Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thursday, December 18th, 2008

After a very uneventful night - no buttons leaking or coming apart - it was time to push the envelope yet again. This morning I started on my new toddler soy formula cold turkey. We are trying out the Good Start 2. Mommy spent a few hours the other night tracking it down - this stuff is like gold and hard to come by. Mommy would have liked to have transitioned me slowly, but there wasn't enough Neocate left so she crossed her fingers and...... nothing to worry about. All four of my bolus feeds today were fine. In fact, after my afternoon nap I was crazy happy for my physical therapy appointment with Michael. The only small side effect so far is I am a little gassy - okay - a lot gassy! But my parents would much prefer the gassy baby to the baby who has 3 outfit changes a day due to all the stinky diapers! We are still early in the game, though, and the proof will be in the diapers. Stay tuned!

My parents are now thinking that instead of leaving Saturday night they are going to need to leave Saturday morning and hopefully get on the road in between two big snow storms. Right now the weather is not looking great for their return trip either. Lots of prayers for us folks - this will be an adventure! (Mommy is wishing real hard right now that the soy formula works or that could be a really long car ride!)

Peyton Nicole Smith

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