Monday, December 22, 2008

Sunday, December 21st, 2008

All in all, it was a pretty good first night in Salt Lake. I went to bed several hours after my normal bedtime and woke up about 2 am for an hour. I mostly just tossed and turned trying to get comfortable in a crib I wasn't used to. My oxygen saturations that caused my parents such stress the last time they were in Salt Lake were much better - probably because it was a gradual elevation change. I was in the 94-96 range most of the night and only dropped below 90 briefly a few times and then went right back up.
In the morning my parents got up and got me ready for the day and then it was time to meet up at Aunt Kristin and Uncle Lonnie's. We were caravaning to Ogden to have lunch with Mommy's cousins Rick and Lisa and their parents - Pat and Dick. Grandma and Grandpa Mower, Uncle Jason and cousin Traiton were going to meet us there. When we got to Aunt Kristin's I got to meet Lonnie's parents for the first time. They follow my blog from their home in Rogersville, TN. Lonnie's niece Randi & her friend Miller were also there for the holidays. We dropped them off at the mall on the way up north. I took a nap on the way up and then my parents were waking me up because we had arrived.
It was fun to see family I had never met before. I was a little grumpy due to the interrupted nap but eventually I warmed up and started showing off my signs to everyone. I also got to have some playtime with cousin Jackson. He has grown a lot since the last time I saw him and he is now bigger then me. He must have remembered when I swatted him all those months ago because he reached over and pulled my hair. Man is he strong! I know he didn't mean to hurt me and we'll be close friends!
After a few hours it was time to head home and I took another nap. Once again, the ride was over too soon and I was being woken up when we got to Grandma and Papa's. I got to see Aunt Ruschelle and my cousins Skyler and Dylan at dinner. I got to sit in the high chair next to Mommy and Daddy. I wasn't interested in eating but had a good time throwing everything off the side of the high chair. Later, Dylan was very sweet and played with me even though I am a lot littler then he is. I was getting awfully tired, though, and soon it was time for bed. I think my parents were pretty tired too.
Peyton Nicole Smith

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