Monday, August 4, 2008

Sunday, August 3rd, 2008

Just like yesterday, Mommy and I started out the morning with a nice walk in the stoller. It was about 8 am so there weren't many people at the park - so Mommy decided it was a great time to try me out on the baby swing. I was on my feeding, so Mommy just hooked the backpack to the swing and away I went. You can tell from my expression that I wasn't quite sure about the swing - but I wasn't crying so Mommy figures it must not have been too bad!

Daddy made it home from Tahoe around 3 pm. I guess he got something called altitute sickness so he was fighting a bad headache but he still let Mommy go catch a nap since she was pretty tired. In the evening Daddy fixed the lawn mower and I watched while he mowed the front yard. Mommy showed me a potato bug and I was intent on holding it myself. It got scared, though, and would roll into a little ball and roll off my hand onto the ground. I was getting pretty frustrated but Mommy tried to help me understand that I had to be careful or I was going to hurt it. While Daddy worked on the back yard it was time for one more walk in my stroller and a quick stop at the park to get on the baby swing. Again, I wasn't very impressed but over time Mommy thinks I will love the swing.

Peyton Nicole Smith

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